About Us


In 1992, Ching-yu. Jenny. Wu armed with the vision of enlisting and training decimated Christians to commit themselves to the spreading of the gospel via mass media founded the Solid Rock Media Inc a California based non-profit Christian organization .In the same year ,Solid Rock Media began its ministry by forming the Solid Rock Media College Singer , a musical group of Campus student , decimated to sharing their lives and faith in Jesus Christ through songs and testimonies, the group has since performed and produced a highly successful and inspirational musical program known as the “ The Melody Of Life “.Since its formation Solid Rock Media has broad coasted through Chinese television stations in San Francisco the highly acclaimed gospel drama “ a window in the heart “ Produced by the home of performing Christian artists in Taipei ,The response to this broad cast was overwhelming and many were blessed by the program.


To assist Christians in fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ by sharing the gospel through the use of mass media.


The Board of Executive Director is the highest body revs ones for strategy and decision making in the organization , it works together with the administrator of general affairs in moving things ahead .the organization also includes consulting committees and student committees and solicits basic members and volunteers from the public to serve together, the organization is financially independent and is supported by offerings and donations from churches and brothers and sisters.


• Produce and broadcast religious TV programs.
• Produce and distribute religious CDs, TV, and Movies.
• Recruit and organize Christian artists serving together as a team in the music and drama ministries.
• Assist Churches youth groups and college fellowships in using mass media as a mean of evangelism.

Statement of Faith

We believe in the beginning when God created heaven and earth. We believe in the Triune God ,God the father, God the son and God the Holy spirit, scripture is God breathed world, uses Christ was born of our sins , on the third day ,He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven , he shall come again to judge, the living and the dead. It is by God we are saved through faith this is not from ourselves; it is the gift of God. We are justified by his salvation in which there is eternal life.