Solid Rock Media
January 2023

Dear pastor, brothers and sisters, God bless you.

The year 2023 has arrived, and the future work of Solid Rock Media will hold a series of lectures for a year. "Life of Beauty" in January, "Life of Art" in February, "Life of Drama" in March, "Life of Dance" in April, "Life of Financial Management" in May, and "Life of Chinese Medicine" in June.

Adhere to what the Bible says, "change your mind by renewing your mind, see what God pleases and work hard to move forward, and obey the Lord's leading.”

Looking back on our new media work in 2022, we created 12 episodes of Art Master Class live classes, YouTube link: We invite you to watch and pass on to share with others.

In addition, regarding Jenny Wu's scripture photography card promotion ministry,, if you want to support the project, donors can go to the Solid Rock Media’s website, on the raise funds page, select the required cards, email your address to, and we will mail them to you. If you join as a member, the annual membership fee is US$50, and we will send a set of 12 cards as a gift.

We accept the two following payment methods:
Overseas transfer:
Bank of America Account # 002007660503
International wires. SWIFT code BOFAUS3N,
Address: Bank of America N.A. 222 Broadway, New York. NY 10038
Write the check payable to: SRMI
(Bank of America Account# 02748-61529)
Address: 2870 Adeline St. Apt212, Berkeley, CA, 94703, USA

If you have any questions or inquiries, please call us at (510)382-1613, or mail us at 2870 Adeline St. Apt 212, Berkeley, CA, 94703, USA

May your new year be blessed with peace and happiness.

Jenny Wu
Founder & Director General of Solid Rock Media