Founder and Director-General - Jenny Wu


Search for the meaning of life, stop toward a productive life, promote the harmony of life


Solid Rock Media Foundation will have an Art Exhibit on Saturday, December 15th from 10Am-6PM and Sunday, December 16th from 2PM-7PM. Artist Jenny Wu will exhibit her watercolor paintings, oil paintings, photography cards, and her $20. book of poems and flower paintings and flower photos. You can choose which gift you would like in exchange for your donation to the Solid Rock Media Foundation. Each of the 50 unique photography cards come with a special bible verse on paper handmade using both traditional paper making methods as well as modern including pressed real flowers, seaweeds, petals, natural fibers, gold specks, flower sap and other natural accents. Also exhibited will be Haiying Wang’s oil painting “Charms in the Chords of Iris” will be available for a donation of $500. There will be many small Christmas ornamental gifts too, and some Apple computer products to choose from, in exchange for your donation to Solid Rock Media. Enjoy a tea tasting and you can choose a gift of tea from Ten Ren Tea Co. in exchange for your donation of $5, - $30. All are welcome and proceeds will support the vision of Solid Rock Media Foundation to produce a movie, Love in Berkeley, illustrating the true story of Jenny Wu and University of California Berkeley art students. The Gallery is located at 1203 10th St, Berkeley CA, 94706, phone (510)394-2546, All are welcome to participate.